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give me a reason to care

..and i'll sing along forever

1/4/06 10:39 pm

merry chirstmas. happy new year.
im on xanga now. so i probably wont update this
as often. like i ever did before.


9/28/05 09:01 pm - you dont have to be ashamed..

..you're a miracle.

long time, no post, huh?

i went to the doctor yesterday just to see what was up. but i ended up getting two shots. didnt hurt at the time cause the lady was real nice about it. but one of them is hurtin alot today.
its competition season for band. we barely know the entire drill, and not everyone has the whole show memorized. the first competition is saturday. its gunna be bad unless people get their act together. i know my stuff. but the football team. lost to parkview last week. it was the game of the century. i thought we had a chance. but i cant be mad, cause the guys did their best and held it well. except they gave up on the last quarter, which cost up the game. but anywhoo.. its ok. that just means we will be 9-1.. hopefully.
um..XC hasnt been going well. i dont go to many practices because of band. therefore i get worse. and fat.
nothing else that is worth hearing about. except my dog is on crack running back and forth in my hallway. several times.

anyway..im out.

8/12/05 12:06 am - the brain needs oxygen..

so school started monday. my teachers seem pretty cool. im really hoping for it to be a good year. once i get moved into spanish (( they gave me latin )). it crap. and i dont wanna do it. but oh well. cross country is everyday. its been going pretty good i guess. since i hardly ran over the summer, im hoping that the track i ran last semester will help get me in shape quicker. i gotta work my butt off for it. and the tuesday and thursday band practice schedule has started too. its kinda tiring when you get done running for an hour and a half. and it doesnt get me home until 9. so i have very little time to do anything. my nights are filled. friday games are starting up tomorrow with the 2nd scrimmage. dont know who we're playing. but we won last week, so hopefully it will be a good season.
katy just turned 18 this past wednesday. kinda sad. but age is nothing i can help. april's birthday is soon. i need to think about what i am doing for her. i miss her. i talk to her often, and she sits at home and does nothing. i wish she was at berkmar.
hm.. anything else? dont think so.


8/2/05 10:37 pm - i got the message long before you said you knew..

there was no chance of us at all.

the best weekend of all time. i went to the braves game saturday, with the best person ever, april. it was fun. and the braves won so thats a plus. then sunday we waited around for like ever for her aunt to come pick us up. we were to go shopping, but we only made it to kohl's cause everthing else closed. spent the night with her aunt. we watched million dollar baby. good movie. then monday we were wanting to go to chick-fil-a, buuuut jerry, april's uncle, insisted on us seeing some area. so we ended up eating at ikea, which is a furniture store. how we ended up there, i dont know. they had these swedish desserts that looked appetizing, but i warn you now that they are not. then we continued shopping. i didnt get much cause i only had $13.
hanging out with april was like the old times. i hadnt seen her in so long. im pretty sure we're going to the underground thing this weekend. it'll be good.

registration for school is thursday. i hate the thought of going back to school. but it will be good to see everyone again, on the brighter note.

7/25/05 09:35 am - throw on some clothes in the dark.

*burppp* well. today was the first day of "official" cross country practice. i was doing fine, until i started to feel like i was going to throw up. so i started walking. and when i got back to the school, i was tired of having that feeling so i let it allll out. powerade and bananas. not pretty. but i definitely felt better. and that made me miss stride outs and core.

friday i got back from band camp. it was definitely better than last year. but there was still drama like crazy. i thought we were going to be without drama this year, but ohh was i wrong. our show is called "along the way to harlem". the drill is hard and the music is medium so far. but we have a long way to go to put them both together and look good. the nightly activities were fun. when we went tubing, there were like 12 people hooked together, along with me. it was fun. but senior night, which was the last night, most of the seniors stayed up all night. they came to wake us up at 2:30,3:30,and 4:30 with the cadence and door banging. but then again at 5:30 when they came to wake us up, we had to go down to the field and help clean up the toliet paper and whatnot that they put everywhere for the rookies to clean up the next morning. but unfortunately the cops came and told them they had to clean it up or mr wiebers was going to get arrested. what wasnt cool is that some of the seniors were being bitches about it, and they didnt help clean up. everyone was so pissed. but whatever. the show we put on for our parents was horrible. and this year april wasnt able to come and see it, like she did last year. it made me sad cause i really wanted her to. but you cant help vacations.

saturday i went up to tennessee for a couple hours cause mum and charles want to take us river rafting or something. i think it'll be fun. i found a snake in the water when i was watching people go down the river.


7/8/05 10:06 pm - save the world.

so im back from oklahoma. it was a fabtabulous trip. good fun all around. i'd still love to be there, but its always good to be home. i missed everyone. despite alllllllll those calls i didnt get.
today, t-mitch held a little get together for the officers at malibu. so i went and it was ok. the officers themselves aren't all that great but it was an okay time. i didn't have to spend any money, luckily, cause ms. gilkes uses her skills to get us free stuff. tomorrow there's a braves game that mr. wieber's wants to take the officers to to make up for the officer camp ((which by the way got cancelled two days before i left for oklahoma. i was so pissed cause i paid an extra $50 to come back earlier than scheduled just to go. wiebs is so friggen stupid.)) but anywho, im not going to the game.
monday i shall hang out with the one and only AprilBoBapril. it will be a grand 'ol time. cause it always is. and we're wanting things to be the way they were before. soooo that means that it will be better than ever before and you guys wont be there. sucks for you.


6/19/05 11:18 pm - blah..

this journal is useless. no one reads it. and if they do, they dont comment. so thats always good.

in other news, im leaving for oklahoma tomorrow. for 2 1/2 weeks. then going to officer camp for 3 days. so i wont be on or able to update for 3 weeks. so if you want, call me. or dont. either way.


6/11/05 12:03 am

today is   my birthday.

 i'm only fifteen years old.

bowling alley. 1 o'clock. be there. or be square.


5/22/05 09:41 pm - i heard you been askin about me..

at least thats the word on the street.

last week i had two banquets. band and track. all i got at the track one was a participation certificate cause i didnt letter. and free dinner. the band one had dinner too. i lettered in band. so now i need a jacket and stuff. and i am going to be an officer next year. yep. full-time librarian. not the best job. but i got the stars. and ill be the only sophomore officer. katy is the piccolo section leader. and dq is the clarinet section leader. so next year should be a good year.

went to lake lanier today. to lay out. and get a full tan. no more of that farmers tan crap. got a little red, but thats what i want. i will have more time this week since im going to savannah and all. after graduation on wednesday. which i have to play for.

finals this week. shouldnt be too bad. dont have to take them wednesday, cause of graduation and being in band and all. and i will get home around lunchtime so itll be good.

lots to do this summer. rookie camp. and cross country practice at 7:30 am, 3 days a week. then my birthday. then going to oklahoma for 3 weeks. then officer retreat. then band camp. then more cross country practice. its gunna be busy.

im out.

5/8/05 05:28 pm - no subject.

i had two band concerts this weekend. april said she was going to come to the one on friday. but she didnt show up. so i was a little disappointed/sad. but its ok,         i guess. and ana said she would too. but she didnt come either, which is ok. the concert went ok though. saturday was the one that we played with the eighth graders. they suck and the directors dont know how to rehearse the music so therefore it didnt sound good. but stewbaby came for katy. that made her unbelievibly happy. and the pieces we played werent absolutely horrible.

saturday before the concert i went shopping with katy and her mum. they got into an argument and i had to make her stop crying and calm down.

today i went to church with mum. caused she asked. and its her day. the church has one similarity to katy and johnnys church. all they want is money. and i hate them for it.

i have my officer audition on tuesday. so im getting ready for that. but i still need a song to march to for the 30 sec. demonstration.

performance finals this week. they suck. i hate writing. especially about school crap.



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